Spirit Stones

These are ritualistic “spirit stones.” They are handmade and inlaid with various clays, text and patterning. These decorative elements are inspired by the natural world and markings on stones, trees, paths that insects have forged into the ground- in essence, the abundance of life all around us. Once made and fired to 1300 degrees Celsius, I smooth the surfaces of these stones, so that they feel smooth to the touch, like a riverstone. They are however, hollow, and hold space for hope, wishes and imaginings.
I then take these stones to the forest and immerse them in the stream to be cleansed and filled with the pristine energy and beauty of the forest. Once they feel ‘filled” , I bring them back. They are stones that a person may hold, still themselves and reflect upon. There are small openings that a person may whisper his/her inner longings, wishes and dreams into. They are meditative “stepping stones” to connect with their own internal energy and purity of being. I find them quite grounding.

These provide an impetus for another way of making that I hope to explore more fully into the future.