These works investigate the dichotomy between fragility and resilience, and our inner and outer landscapes. Using Southern Ice Porcelain, a clay very fragile in its greenware state, but capable of enduring high Temperatures of 1290 degrees centigrade in the glaze firing, it demonstrates an incredible resilience to transform and transmute to a translucent state. One is reminded of the human condition- which can be fragile, but can also rise above adversity, showing its own resilience and transformation in doing so. My pieces find their voice in the landscape- mapping our internal and external environments. Gold lustre works as a metaphor for the ‘veins’ of ideas and realizations that enrich our lives.

Some of the most recent works are a response to the devastation caused by the most recent bushfires earlier this year in Australia. They highlight the impact on our native flora and fauna which in many cases are threatened with extinction. It is a call to awake to the effects that exploitation of our earth by humankinds actions, and also our inactions in rectifying these conditions we have created, are causing.